Rules of Procedure (update 2024)

To all our tenants

In order for your conditions of stay to be the most pleasant, for the guarantee of safety and hygiene to be maximum for all, and for the facilities to be preserved for the longest time, we ask you to carefully read these regulations and by reading, to undertake to comply with them.

Our bed and breakfast is not a hotel or a public place. It is indeed a private place where we live as a family, it is Luce and Philippe Aubry who welcome you to their home. The public cannot therefore freely access it. You also can't bring your family or friends there even if you rent a room from us.

There may also be other travelers under the same roof. We welcome you to our property to make you enjoy the place and our hospitality during your holidays, which is why we invite you to stay there in a friendly atmosphere and with respect for everyone's privacy.

For the comfort and tranquility of all, we regret not being able to accommodate animals in the rooms.

In the case of COVID-19:
The Encantada accepts last-minute modifications and cancellations of stay if a new confinement or a traffic restriction should be decided by the French government or the government of the customer's main place of residence.
The Encantada allows itself the right to refuse the service if a customer refuses to take his temperature before check-in, does not respect the barrier gestures, or the non-wearing of a mask or hand gel according to the health protocol.
The customer being notified, the payment of the stay will be due in full. In the event that a guest presents symptoms during his stay the establishment will impose an isolation in his room and a temperature check. If the customer refuses or if the customer voluntarily hides symptoms, the establishment authorizes itself to refuse him the service and to end his stay. The rest of the stay will be due. The incoming client declares that he has none of the symptoms of COVID-19.

In order to be able to welcome you in the best possible conditions, your reception will be made from 4pm on the day of your arrival until 7pm. Late arrivals or on the contrary early, for example, to drop off luggage in order to be able to visit the neighborhood with a less vulnerable vehicle, are possible provided a prior agreement

On the last day, departures are no later than 10am. We are not hotel professionals so we must be able to have the necessary time to prepare the accommodation in the best conditions for the following people.

Breakfasts are served between 8:30am and 10am at your convenience, on the terrace or at the Pool house or even inside the house depending on the weather conditions.

The table d'hôte and meals:
If you wish to have a dinner on the evening of your arrival, do not forget to let us know at the time of your reservation, or to inform us by e-mail if not by phone, at the latest 24 hours before your arrival. During your stay, the table d'hôtes offers meals for lunch and dinner (the menu is available on request) so do not forget to notify us 24 hours in advance if you wish. The property is located in a countryside environment where ants and other crawlers can be attracted by crumbs and food waste so meals can only be consumed outside the property or at the table d'hôtes in order to preserve the best hygiene for everyone.

Important: Don't forget to report any food allergies. Picnic and personal drinks are prohibited throughout the property.

Alcoholic beverages:
It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the grounds of the property knowing that the table d'hôtes of the Encantada holds an official license allowing us to serve alcoholic beverages up to 18 degrees, as an accompaniment to meals. If, however, the visitor wishes to bring his favorite wine, a "cork" will be charged 5 euros per bottle consumed. As part of the protection of minors, the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors under the age of 18.

The rooms:
The rooms are not provided for laundry.
While it is traditional for visitors to store their bedding, personal belongings and clothes, guests will be able to carry out a clean passage beyond 4 consecutive nights, in particular to empty the garbage cans, renew the linen or clean the floors if necessary.
Large soils will be the responsibility of the customer.
The towels made available in your rooms are reserved for the toilet however each guest will have at his disposal a specific towel for the pool.
Valuables (jewelry, multimedia devices, various means of payment, etc.) must not be left prominently in the rooms or in parked vehicles, the hosts disclaiming any responsibility in case of disappearance of these objects.
Visitors can access Wifi for free but illegal downloading is prohibited.

For longer stays, you can request a laundry service without ironing.
The linen will be collected on request and returned folded within 48 hours, at the latest.

Pool regulations
The owners remind their customers of the lack of supervision of the pool.
The pool being a family pool, its use is reserved only for members of the family of the owners and people staying in the guest house.
The pool is a relaxation pool and not a playground, diving is prohibited and access is only by the stairs located at the edge of the Spa.
It is desirable that pool users take a shower before bathing and avoid bathing after using sunscreen or oil.
Any user of the pool must be covered by a Civil Liability Defense and Recourse Insurance.
The swimming pool is open to guests from 09:00 to 19:00.

General provisions:
In compliance with Decree No. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006, smoking is prohibited in places for collective use. The entire property, including rooms, is therefore non-smoking. It is of course possible to smoke outside the house and the mazet but out of respect for the place we ask smokers not to throw their cigarette butts, ashtrays are at your disposal.

We ask our guests to present a decent outfit on all occasion, and to be dressed and shod when traveling in the common areas.

The customer undertakes to return the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay and to declare, and assume financially, any possible degradation for which he may be responsible.

Each resident in a guest room undertakes to respect all the interior and exterior spaces of the property. In case of degradation, he will have to financially assume the repairs. The setting of a deposit is provided at the time of booking and will be triggered if necessary.

We do not welcome children in our guest rooms however if children were to stay in the property, they are under the sole responsibility of their parents and in particular for access to the pool for which the owners of the Encantada decline all responsibility in case of accident.

The kitchen of the house as well as that of the pool house are not left at the free disposal of the guests.

Unguarded outdoor parking is available for our guests next to the house.

A second parking is equipped with a charging station (EV Link 11KW – 400V) for the guests driving an electrical vehicle.

Theft and accidents: the owners decline all responsibility in case of theft or bodily injury occurring in the property.

The owners of the Encantada are sensitive to the protection of our planet and wish to contribute to the protection of the environment by minimizing the carbon footprint of the operation of its reception structure so we count on your collaboration to:
• Avoid leaving the lights on unnecessarily,
• Do not let the water run and moderate the flow during showers
• Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the property
• Sanitation being provided by a phyto-purification system, we kindly ask you to throw in the toilet only toilet paper, the other waste having a bin provided for this purpose.
• Avoid using all the towels at your disposal if you do not really need them

Waste: a large trash can is at your disposal at the pool house as well as a container.

The keys:
You can leave your room keys in the secure box attached to the wall of each room entrance door, in case of loss a flat rate of 70 € will be charged.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration, we wish you an excellent stay.

Luce and Philippe